Q. Is your site safe and secure?
Yes, all orders are processed thru our processors Secured "https servers" - all other info is safe and we never share other info with any other parties.

Q. I tried to make an order and was declined, not sure why?
Please make sure all info is the same and spacing as your billing address and also if you IP address is far from your billing address our processor may decline the order as a fraud protection.

Q. How can you sell so cheap ?
We buy direct from factories, buy overstocks, closeouts and market deals and we have very little overhead costs.

Q. How much is shipping to my Country
Most item are $20 or $23 however some items have free shipping

Q. Do you ship to UK or Canada
Yes, we ship to most countries - if your country is not on the list it will not let you complete the order.

Q. I tried to check out but it would not process my order ?
Total delivery time is composed of two parts. The first part is the processing time. This is the time from when your payment is received to when we gather up all the items and pack them. Processing takes 48 HOURS normally. The second part is the actual shipping time. This is the time that it takes for the package to be delivered by the couriers to the destination. EMS shipping normally takes 7-10 work days, and the slow shipping method normally takes 7-20 work days.

Q. We ordered 8 days ago and we have not got our tracking number.
Some emails system block our emails as SPAM - look in your junk mail OR UNBLOCK our email address shoesservice08@gmail.com

Q. I ordered 5 days ago - I have not heard anything
Please DO NOT WORRY - Sometimes some styles are out of stock for a few days OR we are waiting for tracking number via our shipping department.

Q. I got my tracking number 2 days ago but the tracking number do not show up in the www.usps.com or www.ems.com.cn ?
Sometimes there is a 4 - 7 days delay if the shipping is backed up due to large demand before tracking will show up in the system

Q. Are your items 100% authentic ? Closeou
We try our best to make sure all goods are authentic - we buy Overstocks, Closeouts, Overruns from Factories and Dealers that say and give us invoices that all goods are authentic. However we must say that we are not affiliated with or authorized dealers of any of the trademarked brands we offer, so legally we cannot say 100% authentic .

Q. What is your Return policy ?
Please see Return Policy on the top of the bar or left side of our home page or click here .